Our Story

Carlos & Pepe’s was founded in January 1979. Our objective was to develop an authentic Mexican restaurant that catered to the ‘Gringo” taste. We have always used nothing but the finest and freshest ingredients that can be found. In a few rare instances where a certain product wasn’t available, we would temporarily take the item off the menu rather than substitute something of lesser quality or perhaps a canned item. As an example, we only use King Crab meat in our nachos and enchiladas and have never substituted a lesser product such as snow crab. Our salsa is made with fresh tomatoes and even when tomato prices reached record highs, we refused to substitute canned tomatoes even though it would have saved a fortune in food costs.  Likewise our Margaritas are made with only fresh squeezed limes and lemons, a time consuming process, but worth the effort when you take your first sip. Maybe that explains why we've been here for nearly 40 years. So come join us and sample some of our great food and drink, in a friendly, relaxed atmosphere. 

We welcome you to share the next 40 years with us.

Your Hosts: John and Sandy Benz and Roberto Martinez

Margarita and plate of three hard shelled tacos garnished with limes on a dish.