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Carlos & Pepe's 

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Carlos, named after four kings of Spain (his full name is Carlos Carlos Carlos Carlos Lopez), was born with a silver taco in his mouth and never got over his taste for the finer things in life.  Heir to the family sombrero fortune, he was more interested in throwing extravagant parties with delicious food than in turning out a good, competitively priced sombrero, and though he became a truly superb host and gourmet chef, his business soon collapsed, and Carlos found himself up the Rio Grande without a paddle.

Pepe traces his family back to the ancient Mayan Indians of Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula.  The Mayans were a clever and frugal people, given to pyramid building and an occasional indulgence in human sacrifice.  Pepe had been Carlos' faithful "Hombre Viernes" (Man Friday), and being the clever and frugal Mayan he is, he managed to save a few Pesos here, a few Pesos there, until, by the time Carlos' fortune was squandered, Pepe had saved enough to set his former boss up in a restaurant.  The exact terms of their deal haven't been disclosed, but suffice it to say that Carlos is working his BURRO off, while Pepe is getting GORDO.  By the way, as far as we know, the Mayans have completely sworn off human sacrifice, but Pepe swears he will sacrifice anything to be able to offer the finest Mexican food available anywhere.

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