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Pepe's Burro
Super chunks of beef or chicken, stuffed in a flour tortilla, loads of melted cheeses, sauce and topped with guacamole.

Carlos' Crazy Burrito
Beef or chicken, refried beans, lettuce, cheese, tomato and topped with guacamole.

Tacos al Carbon
Named for Al Carbon, who in his heyday was known to kill for a plate of these tacos. Two handmade corn tortillas ("soft tacos") filled with slices of sirloin steak or chicken. Served with cheese, guacamole, lettuce and salsa cruda.

(Pronounced GIMME-THE-CHANGA)· This is a deep-fried beef or chicken burro covered with our own special sauce and garnished with Daisy sour cream and guacamole. NO, YOU CAN'T DANCE TO IT!

Crab Enchiladas
Two tortillas with king crab, Daisy sour cream and salsa cruda. Topped with Cheddar and Jack cheese and a little more real sour cream.

Enchiladas Rancheras
Two tortillas filled with cheese, covered with ranchera sauce and topped with real sour cream.

Huevos Rancheros
(Pronounced WAY-VOES-RAN-CHAIR-OES) - We serve two tortillas filled with two cheeses, plus three eggs "sunny side up," covered with ranchera sauce and chorizo ... Gesundheit!

Beef or chicken rolled in flour tortillas, deep fried and topped with guacamole, Daisy sour cream and sauce, (called a "FLAUTA" because it's supposed to look like a flute - but don't blow through the darn thing or your date will look like a mess!

Chile Colorado
(Pronounced "CHILLY COLORADO", which is certainly true, especially in winter.) A mildly-spicy Mexican beef stew. (If you hold your breath and eat two or three portions of this real quick, maybe it'll make you rocky mountain high!)

Carlos' Wild Tostada
Beef or chicken, refried beans and cheese, piled high on a giant flour tortilla topped off with gobs of lettuce, tomatoes, guacamole and Daisy sour cream. (This dish is as rich as Carlos used to be, if all goes well, it'll make him rich again.)

Chile Relleno
(Pronounced "CHILLY, RAY, EH? ... NO!,,) Our chiles are hand-picked straight off the vine, we could get them from cans, but Pepe's family needs the work. Two fresh poblano chiles, stuffed with cheese, chicken, beef or vegetables, deep fried or baked and covered with a homemade sauce.

Hot! But not too hot! Fresh corn masa filled with chunks of sirloin or chicken and covered with chile sauce and cheese. It's hot today, but it'll be chilly tamale. (Perdone me!)

Swiss Enchiladas
Two tortillas filled with either fresh chicken or cheese, and topped with Swiss cheese and homemade Tomatillo sauce.

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