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(Pronounced "KOMBIH-NATlONS") - The following served with rice and beans. (Or, if you wish, you may substitute beans and rice.)

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Two Tacos

This dish is named after TU TACO, the royal chef to the emperor Maximilian of Mexico, and the man credited with the invention of heartburn. Max had him drown in a vat of his own hot sauce in 1866. Max's next chef, JUAN ENCHILADA, corrected the problem and today neither tacos nor enchiladas cause heartburn.

One Taco and One Enchilada

One Burrito
(A Burrito is not a small burro, anymore than a mosquito is a small mosque. Instead, a burrito is a giant gob of juicy meat or beans gift-wrapped in a nice, big, soft tortilla.)

Two Cheese, Beef or Chicken Enchiladas
(Pronounced "TU CHEEZORE- BEFORE- CHICKAN 'N' CHALADA"- If you can make any sense out of that, no more Margaritas for you!)

Chile Relleno, Taco & Enchilada

Chile Relleno & Taco

Chile Relleno & Enchilada

Tamale Combo
A three-piece mariachi band that comes to your table and serves you a tamale and piping hot enchilada with rice and beans.

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