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In Spanish, that's "ENTREMESES" - Literally, "Enter Messy." Some of this stuff is gooey, but don't be afraid to dive right in. After you've finished the food, you can eat your fingers!
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Mexican Black Bean Soup

With real sour cream and salsa cruda.

Toasted corn tortilla chips topped with melted cheese. (Not to be confused with "MACHO." When a guy's Macho, he's all man. When he's Nacho, he's all topped with melted cheese, which can attract flies and mess up a date.) (We think these are pronounced "NOT SHOWS," but we're Not Sho!)

Super Nachos
Individual little works of art (Carlos' cousin Arturo). Beans, melted cheeses, guacamole and Daisy sour cream.

Chicken Nachos
If you're scared of ordering Super nachos - order these. Tortilla chips with fresh chicken, Daisy sour cream, covered with Jack and Cheddar cheese. It tastes as good as it looks - and don't you wish you did?

Crab Nachos
Made from delicious KING crab meat mixed with Daisy sour cream. We tried the QUEEN crab, but found it too sweet.

Nacho Platter
A selection of virtually everything our appetizer lady has to offer. Well, almost everything!

Beef Nacho
Spicy Beef and a blend of melted cheeses.

Mexican Fondue
A blend of melted cheeses, white wine served with warm handmade corn tortillas. Chorizo on request.

Tuna Dip
Carlos & Pepe's World Famous dip. Made with secret ingredients from an old family recipe. We still don't know who the family is but we do know they were very very old.

Chips and Salsa
If not ordering a meal.

Guacamole Dip
Carlos used his swimming pool, sin agua of course, to store 5 tons of avocados he got on special. He'd forgotten about the swimming party planned for that week. However, everyone thought it was a great idea, and after Carlos ' party, guacamole dipping spread through the West literally overnight.

Margarita's Pizza
Fresh salsa cruda, Mexican herbs, spices, cheddar and jack cheeses.

Barbecue Chicken Pizza
The recipe that made Wolfgang Puck famous, pulled BBQ chicken breast, fresh tomato, salsa cruda, Cheddar and Jack cheeses, red onion and fresh cilantro.

Pizza Vegetarian
Chopped mushrooms, bell peppers, broccoli, fresh tomato salsa cruda, cheddar and jack cheeses.

Pizza de Carne
Spicy beef, fresh tomato, salsa cruda, jack and cheddar cheeses.

Four Cheese Pizza
Jack, cheddar, feta and mozzarella cheeses with salsa cruda.

Red Pepper Pizza
Roasted red peppers, portabella mushrooms, salsa cruda, jack and cheddar cheeses.

Homemade Tortillas 
pronounced "HO-MAY-TOHR-TEE-YAHS" - If you haven't tried them freshly homemade, you haven't had tortillas. Served warm with butter. (At night after work, Pepe and his date sit in front of the TV set at home making tortillas. This is Pepe's idea of a good time. This is why Pepe's a bachelor.) - Tortillas, thin unleavened pancakes of ground, dried flour or corn, are still made much the same as they were throughout the America's 2000 years before the Spanish took over and invented the Touristas.
* Pepe lives in a mobile home near the restaurant. Carlos lives right here in the kitchen.

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Besides making tortillas by hand, we also squeeze our own juices for the Margaritas and make all the salsas from scratch. Rather than use a canned product, we use fresh tomatoes as the base for our red salsa. Our Chile Rellenos are always fresh and stuffed with freshly grated cheeses, as you will be if you order them!

Mexican food is the result of mixing several
different ethnic foods and our emphasis is on the French. For example, we prepare our nachos as the French do their canapes. Our food is somewhat milder than you might expect, but we do have a variety of hotter salsas if you prefer.

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